Commercial Property Management

Advanced Property Management Software for your Commercial Portfolio

The PRIMMO COMERCIAL suite makes managing commercial buildings easy. It allows you to manage your rental unit portfolio quickly and effectively. Fully integrated with all accounting systems PIMMO COMMERCIAL is a leader in lease management software.


By reducing manual data entries, duplicate files and facilitating access to all your management data, the impact is an obvious gain in efficiency for your team. You expand your assets without having to increase your workforce!

Our approach to implementation has greatly evolved in all projects carried out to this day. From compliance with deadlines, no cost overruns, up to the membership rate in all of the organisations were the main comments highlighted by all management for which the solution was implemented.

Increase accuracy and save time by accessing information on your entire portfolio of properties in a single database.

By working with an integrated real estate management system, you will increase the accuracy of assumptions that support your business décisions.

PRIMMO COMMERCIAL suite allows you to focus on other functions like:

PRIMMO COMMERCIAL includes the following invoicing functionalities:


"Our best property management decision has been to partner with Hopem. Since the beginning, your team makes sure that our satisfaction is your primary concern. A client proud of your development since 1989."

Danielle Ally
Gestion Performatique inc.

"In my case, it was my first time getting online training and through conference calls. I must admit that I loved it! Our expectations were met concisely; the rhythm was good and the documentation was excellent! Getting trained in the comfort or our office made us save a lot of precious time."

Daniel Massicotte
CPA,CMA, Groupe Robin

Reliable, flexible and user-friendly, you can add additional modules to PRIMMO COMMERCIAL to make it an even better performing managing tool. You can easily integrate :

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Different Types of Buildings Management

  • Automated management
  • Correspondence management
  • Management reports, follow-ups and history
  • Management and follow-ups by merchant associations
  • An energy charter mechanism setting

Property Rental Management

  • Permanent spaces
  • Temporary spaces without lease

Property Accounting

  • Billing
  • Receipts
  • Bank deposits (automatic generation)
  • Rent deposits
  • Distribution of common costs
  • Statistics on sales figures
  • Competition clauses management and other requirements
  • Use of energy chart

Other Features

  • Merchants association
  • Forms generator (customized forms)